About Symmetry Medical Aesthetics

Our Mission

“Confident body and mind in harmony. The Symmetry concept-inspired by health, beauty, rejuvenation and the latest medical clinical procedures – is specifically designed to suit you individually with our concierge services and trusted care.” We all define beauty in our own way. As a physician-nurse team, we work with clients to discover their personal beauty from the inside out! It is so important that we take ownership of our own definition of health and beauty and focus on doing things that make us feel beauty every day. Maintain a youthful and well appearance, age gracefully, or learn information to make new healthy choices each day…let us help you be the best YOU!

Standard of Excellence

Our goal is to provide a standard of excellence in improving and maintaining the natural beauty of each patient. The unique attention and access to a physician in your care makes us unique, the portable nature of SYMMETRY brings the professionalism of a medical clinic to you in a comfortable setting where you can relax, have our full attention, and education to set your personal aesthetic goals. Whether we are invited to a gathering of you favorite people, you are visiting us at a studio site or guest clinic, we aim to provide the experience of education with your aesthetic treatment, social time and relaxation, and trusted care within a confident long relationship!

Shared Belief

Dr. Connelly, Dr. Duren and our team share the same belief that beauty has so many forms, the most important of them self confidence. Their mission became one of combining that goal with a natural approach to the art of medical aesthetics and skin health! Let us bring your treatment services, products and education to you!