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Welcome to the SYMMETRY concept…
Concierge Medical Aesthetics | Mobile Botox and Fillers


Meet Your Founders of Symmetry

Morgan Kraut, RN, BSN and Dr. Adina Connelly, MD, FACEP

Morgan Kraut and Dr. Connelly are two medical professionals and personal friends that share the same belief that beauty has so many forms, the most important of them self-confidence. Their mission became one of combining that goal with a natural approach to the art of medical aesthetics and skin health! MEET OUR FOUNDERS


SYMMETRY providers will ensure patient and provider safety under our integrated hospital/clinical based COVID-19 protocol…please inquire for details. We graciously ask that any ill client or those with fevers reschedule approximately 30 days later!

Meet Our Symmetry Team

Dr. Adina Connelly

MD, FACEP, medical director, injection specialist

Lydia Olson

RN, BSN, CMSRN, injection specialist

LaRissa Wagner

RN, BSN, injection specialist

Dr. Joey Duren

MD, St Croix Valley Symmetry medical director

Brittaney Devane

RN, BSN, CNP training, injection specialist

Carla Ann Horst

RN, BSN, injection specialist